Quarantined... Stay Inside / Earthquake... / Stay Inside?

In March 16th, Salt Lake City residents woke up at 7:09 to a 5.7 Earthquake. Buildings in downtown Salt Lake City lost bricks. Pictures fell from walls, items tumble over, and down from shelves. Over 30 houses were displaced from their foundations in the West Valley area, and walls came down in several buildings within the city. But at the epic centers; Magna, Utah, the old buildings that graced main street suffered the worst damage.

Here's the thing, because of the Corona-virus, the only news carrying reports about the earthquake was Utah. Interesting? I point this out because we have these wonderful reporters telling us how the virus is terrible on our nerves and to try and find ways to control our stress. Everything we can do to ease the complications of the virus on our minds, to do it. To Not ADD to our problems. And then Salt Lake has this added to them and The Evening News never ONCE mentions the people of Utah. They talk about the college kids on the beach in Miami, or the spirits being used at a bar for sterilizations or how the Governor of New York is telling everyone to stay in

and the president or another country whining because america caused this... yada yada ... but nothing about the ordinary folks. My first thought after my heart slows the beating against my chest, my head calms a little pounding and my nerves are shot and will never be the same... even after the 4.3 and 4.6 after shocks... that don't worry America... We're better then the rest of New York, California and the NEWS Reporters... :)


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