Okay, It's been another day!

We had dinner with the daughter and her husband tonight. It was great. Ian and Jodie are quite the cooks. Very good cooks! So, dinner consisted of: Coconut Tilapia, Salmon, scallops, Risotto, homemade bread, cake, stuffed mushrooms, with wine. Absolutely Delicious.

Now, the real reason for this blog is because of well... the food and because I've been left behind. That's right. The little guys have grown up. I know they were tall before, but every time I see them now, they just get taller. Its devastating. And yes, I do mean devastating. You see, they were supposed to be my small boys. My grandsons, but nope. They went on their way, their way. Dag nab it :( One day, their only be my little boys in my old grandma dreams. Isn't that so very sad? I look at these two clowns and think... What a couple of gems. I am so darn lucky to have a couple of great dudes as my grandsons. Taeg and Nodin!


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