Family at the Holidays

Every year, this group

of happy hooligans increases.

And, I love it!

We, Scotty and I were blessed with one child, which makes for a relatively small family when it comes to 'the holiday dinners.' I figured that we wouldn't be having any. Glad I was wrong.

Every year, we celebrate "Christmas Eve Soup Party and Presents." It's turned out to be the best get together I could have ever hoped for. With Jodie and her husband, Ian; their four kids and their significant others or friends. It fills my heart and my house. Thank you all for a fun filled night. It was a wonderful night.

Back Row: Nodin, Hunter, Taeg, Ian, Callum. Mid Row: Jodie, Brenicia, Stella, Kelsey, Audrey

Front Row: Grammy Doree and Grandpa Scott.


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