Butler Pantry. Prep Kitchen. Kid's Rooms? Other End of the House... (check)

I spent two days touring in and out of 30 gorgeous homes... make that mansions... in the southern Utah area and leaving with a genuine feeling of appreciation for the mighty dollar. Yep, that one. The ever elusive, hard to hold on to, dollar.

The houses had suites (not just for the masters), entertainment centers, kitchens that I'd be lost in, and bathrooms everywhere along with twenty-two feet high ceilings. That's the norm, the abnormal is the refrigerators units that... well lets just say, blended in to the wall. In fact at two of the 'over the top's residents', the butler's pantry door was as hard to find as the refrigerator door. Sorry, but I'd be doing braille on a daily basis looking for the milk to put in my cereal. I can't handle that kind of pressure. Yikes!

The yards offered a smidgen of lawn, or putting green. Zero-scape with water fountains and lava rock and pools, hot tubs, and four-wheel drive recreational vehicles.

Yet, all together it worked. Frankly, they were all pretty dang gorgeous!


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