Halloween Parade is a Children's Picture Book. Published in September of 2019 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IngraSparks, Kobo, Apple, etc. 


Dracula is in charge of keeping the monsters from tormenting the trick or treaters this year. Well, how do you keep ghouls and ghosts from frolicking around and little kids from running about and every one going bezerk. You march them together and keep them in line. And that is what Dracula does. By putting together a Halloween parade, the monsters walk around the cemetary and the children walk amongst them and play. Dracula and the Wolfman, keeps them close and tell's them when it's time to go back to their graves. 

Mommy's In The Military is written in the POV of a young girl. She has just been

told that her mommy is leaving to join her military unit across the globe.

Terrified and quiet concerned, the little girl explains what she feels and goes 

through while she is staying with her grandparents while her mommy's gone

away and the things she thinks about and pray's about as she waits for her mommy's

return. The story shows how hard it is on our young families when the have to say 

goodbye to their loved ones as they leave their homes to protect the country they

love from mercenaries.

Published in August of 2019, on Amazon both in print and Kindle. 

Merry Christmas: Published November 2019, No Fireplace Is Needed is a children's picture book about the dilima with a high-rise apartment building and no fireplace for Santa to come down with a bag of toys. Santa comes up with a fun way to deliver his gifts to good little girls and boys in every home across the world.

The Mysteries Inside Grandpa's Tackle Box was published in November 2015. Its a fun story aout a fiesty younger sister who wants to be with her brother when he makes his midnight journeys to hide his mysterious findings 

inside of their grandpa's tackle box up on Roach Hill. 

Things turn bad when other people with mean intentions also want to know about the items that

her brother has and where he hides them. It's a mystery when things turn dangerous and either Cathy or the bad guys find the box first. 


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